Found Deer in South Florida!

We took two weeks to winterize the boat then we took a flight to Iowa where we started up Wade’s truck to drive to visit Sara’s family in Arkansas and Wade’s family in Florida. As the cold spell swept across the United States we continued to drive south and found […]

Buoy Four

We rounded buoy four to point our bow at the town of Kodiak. Bitter sweet to be back as we never want the cruising to end, but as last year we did not visit family for the holidays so this year we thought we’d fly out. Cheers, Sara and Wade

Sunny Days

November 8th How can this be? We have enjoyed six sunny days out of each week since leaving Kodiak Town, even our high wind days have been mainly sunny. We have been told that the weather depends on where you are on the island, but we hope Kodiak Town is […]

Glassing Or Scoping

November 1st For novice hunters, as Sara, glassing or scoping is a term when the hunter uses binoculars, the scope of a gun, or another high power lens (thanks again to Marj for the awesome super zoom camera lens) to search the area for animals. Wade has been bummed at […]

From Deer To Goat

October 28th We had a lovely visit in Larsen’s Bay. The town is very small. We walked the whole two-miles of town. We were told during summer seasons the Kodiak Lodge Resort is open, and we can only GUESS this is where visitors can get access to public or paid […]

Crack Of 10 AM

October 26th The sun does not seem to rise above the mountains until late so we hibernate like bears. We wanted to take advantage of good morning weather (54 degrees) and move south before the predicted strong southerly winds were upon us. Today we woke up at the crack of […]

We Are Not Alone

October 24th We missed the little window we had to move south to Larson’s Bay, so we decided to snuggle into East Arm. We were able to pull weather a few days ago and during our transit we heard there is a gale coming from the south in the next […]

Six Inch Snowfall

October 23rd Howdy Ho everyone, Things have improved drastically for us. Our last noon report mentioned considerable troubles including a malfunctioning head that led a “poopy” of a day. Justin, if your reading this, it made us think of your “Sh*t-apocalypse of 2015″(this is as Justin calls his event), another […]

Glamorous Life of Cruising Alaska On A Sailboat In October

October 21st The outside temperature is freezing. Literally freezing! We do not run the heater at night, so in the morning the inside boat temperature is near the lower 40s. We run the generator to power central heat and a little portable heater to warm the room to a comfortable […]

South Arm Kodiak Island

October 20th The weather is predicted to be out of the northeast and south the next couple of days so we moved to a new anchorage. Our South Arm anchorage might not be the most comfortable during a northwest wind, which seems to be predominant in this area, so we […]

Our First Snow

October 19th to 20th The temperature has finally dropped to a chilling 36 and 38 degrees. Yesterday, we went deer hunting aka hiking because we do not see any deer. The views are stunning with the mountain tops having a nice cover of snow. Last night just as we were […]

Deer Searching

October 17th Yesterday we moved anchorages because the wind was turning from west to north then northeast and 30 knots. The Kodiak fjords can be a bit of a wind tunnel but moving to the north side of the bay protected us very well from wind and waves. We, or […]