Under Pressure

October 16th

More and more frequently when we wake in the morning we experience sinus pressure, sometimes stuffy noises, and sometimes even a small headache. We didn’t think anything of it and would continue about our day. During a discussion with one of the lovely St. Paul Marina office ladies, we learned a lot of the folks are affected by the change in pressure, particularly abrupt changes of more than 5 millibar. Our boat barometer changes frequently, so at least twice a day it is fun to move the arrow to the current pressure only to move the arrow again later in the day. The magnitude in pressure changes that passes us each day is fascinating. We have learned as the pressure rapidly decreases we experience more sinus pressure and small cramps in our neck. As the high pressure approaches the sinus pressure is gone along with the neck cramps, so really no noticeable effects.

Too add to the pressure we woke to white caps in our anchorage and the boat bouncing from the waves. The wind and waves from the west wrapped into our anchorage. We averaged motoring 3.5 to 4 knots in the Kupreanof Straight going against both the wind, waves, and current. As soon as we rounded the Kupreanof Peninsula point we were flying with the sails up. As we approached our anchorage we spotted our second Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge public use cabin. The anchorage isn’t as protected as we’d like but we’re hidden behind a little island in the middle of the bay.

Wade and Sara

Unknown Bay off of Kupreanof Strait near Slough Bay and Whale Passage Anchorage 32′ Sand 57° 58.802’N, 152° 55.668’W Viekoda Bay Anchorage 46′ Mud 57$deg; 49.881’N, 153$deg; 04.015’W Viekoda Bay Anchorage 38′ Mud 57$deg; 50.090’N, 153$deg; 03.601’W

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