Uncharted Bay Nuku Hiva

On the north side of Nuku Hiva there is a pair of bays to the west of Hatiheu Bay. Josh came in first and picked the east bay because it appeared to be more protected and it looked like maybe someone lived in the west bay (Hakaea). We had been updating the iPhone in Hatiheu Bay and got in a little late so we anchored behind him. The next morning we beached the dinghy on the east side of the bay during an almost slack tide. The only structure was a copra drying rack. We explored the beach and found drinking coconuts that were low enough for us to use the boat hook to pull them down. There were a few mango trees a half mile inland down a trail, but sadly no fruit was on the trees. The anchorage was a little rolly so we did not plan to stay any longer than necessary, but it was nice to have beautiful beach to ourselves.

We were pulling in our chain when Wade shouted back at Sara behind the wheel to grab the camera. Sara grabbed the camera and ran up forward to find that our chain had wrapped itself around a 5 foot diameter coral rock like a piece of ribbon around a present. After taking a couple of pictures she started to record and asked Wade how he planned to get the rock unwrapped. Just as he said he was going to lower and raise the care package a large swell came and the rock unwrapped and fell to the sea.

This noon report is short because we were so busy with the shark, goats, and internet we are behind one post. A bonus for today is two noon reports!

Wade and Sara

Uncharted Bay Nuku Hiva Anchor Coordinates: 8° 48.393′ S, 140° 09.107′ W

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