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Island Crabs not Coconut Crabs

We are very happy that last night we ate Island Crabs and not Coconut Crabs because we learned Coconut Crabs have poison in the head, not that either of us ever intended to eat the head, but it’s good to know. This morning we had a few of the locals […]

We’ve Got Crabs

Haha, Coconut crabs! We finally were able to move today. We paid out chain and drove forward on each stuck point but no movement. We finally dove on the anchor and the chain was stuck on reef nothing more than 50 feet from the anchor. The chain was stuck between […]

Let the Good Wind Go

We finally had a descent weather window for the next four to five days. Our dive gear was spread across the cockpit, our anchor is again wrapped around a another bombie 80 feet below the surface, and we are still really enjoying Penrhyn, so we’ve decided to let the good […]

Scuba Diving Penrhyn and Black Oyster Creamy Pasta

We finally stopped kidding ourselves that we were leaving in the next week to two weeks, so we spent the whole day pulling out our scuba diving equipment from the deepest parts of the boat and at 3:18 PM we began our descent below the waterline. We were first greeted […]

All Fueled Up and No Wind To Go

Hi Family and Friends, We arrived at Penrhyn Island with only 20 gallons of diesel in our tank, but we also knew that a supply sailing ship called the Kwai was on its way to Penrhyn from which we could buy fuel. We purchased 100 gallons of diesel for $460 […]