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Do We Get Bored While Cruising?

We both believe that boredom is in the beholder. Two very different people on the same boat and one person can shout “I’m bored!” while the other person is frantically doing “stuff”, haha. We are both very lucky that we are not such people. Both of us find ways to […]


We had a weather window to move the day after we anchored here in southern Tahanea, but we didn’t take it. There might have been a slight chance forecasted to leave yesterday, but it never developed. We’re just hanging out and loving it! Last week we were foraging the island […]

Unexpected Company

We weathered the big storm and our big anchored held with no problems. We are very happy to report that King Neptune’s Garden handled the sea salt bath as of yet so hopefully we’ll be eating some pretty tasty and big tomatoes soon. The weather is slowly shifting to the […]

Tempting Fate

We left on a Friday. We actually didn’t realize it was a Friday until after we had left the south Fakarava pass. The wind was from the north at 15 to 25 knots and seemed perfect for our sail to Tahanea. We were running downwind and cruising at 7 knots, […]