Nuku Hiva

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Crazy Man In Hakahau (Daniel’s) Bay Nuku Hiva Vaipo Waterfall Hike

We arrived yesterday after a sweet sail from Ua Pou, but we did not make it in time to finish the 2-hour Vaipo waterfall hike before nightfall. Along the way, we met Kua (Koo-awe) and she asked if we were interested in exchanging goods like olive oil and chocolate cake […]

Hokule’a Visits Ua Pou

A couple of day ago we motor sailed from Haahopu Bay Nuku Hiva to the main town Hakahau Bay Ua Pou. We went to town and immediately started to provision for our finally weeks in the Marquesas and the trip back to Hawaii. We were pleasantly surprised to here from […]

Haahopu Bay Nuku Hiva Marquesas

On our way from the Uncharted Bay north Nuku Hiva we trolled a line and as we rounded the point near the airport we caught another 40 lbs yellow-fin tuna. During the last tuna canning session outside of Anaho Bay we defrosted the freezers and realized we had a lot […]

Marquesas Surf And Turf

For the most of Sara’s life she has eaten out and hardly ever prepared meals at home. Cooking has always been this novel thing that one day she would learn how to do so she collected cookbooks. She has onboard almost 50 different styles of cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook is […]