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Hello Bear

Around 8 am two days ago we realized we had 33 miles to Three Saints Bay and 99 miles to Kodiak City and we would not make Kodiak City during daylight. We did not want to spend a third night sailing, so we decided to stop and anchor. Navigating through […]

Marquesas Surf And Turf

For the most of Sara’s life she has eaten out and hardly ever prepared meals at home. Cooking has always been this novel thing that one day she would learn how to do so she collected cookbooks. She has onboard almost 50 different styles of cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook is […]

Hanamenu Bay Hiva Oa To Vaipaee Bay Ua Huka

Sadly we did not go pig hunting because unlike what was described to us they go pig hunting in the morning not the evening and as we only relaxed on the boat the evening we arrived we were unable to make arrangements in the morning. Ozanne and Mary Jo’s son […]

Atuona To Hanamenu Bay Hiva Oa

Yesterday we took a break from provisioning and trying to find an internet connection to enjoy our first tour. We were so happy that we did because we found out later that a car rental cost the same as the tour for the two of us. We were accompanied by […]

Octopus Hunting Tahuata Marquesas

When first arriving in Hapatoni Bay we saw a man beating something with all of his might against the reef, as it turned out he had found an octopus and chose to tenderize it by beating it vigorously against the reef. Josh, a cruising friend we met in Fatu Hiva, […]

85 Pounds Of Tuna

We woke early to pick up our neighbor, Josh, for a fishing trip around the point of southern Tahuata. As we headed to the point a squall with 35 knot winds forced us to stay on the lee of the island. We trolled around seeing an amazing amount of birds […]