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Apples And Oranges

For our non-sailing friends a starboard tack is when the wind contacts first (also referred to as windward) the starboard (right) side of the boat and a port tack, the port side is to windward. We’ve all seen beautiful sailing boats that are not level but look like they are […]

Canning Mishap?

We pressured cooked our cooked chicken from yesterday, but sadly we’re not sure if it is any good. Sara forgot to refrigerate the chicken broth last night and we mistakenly added about a 1/3 cup to the canned chicken. The chicken pieces were in the freezer, but the broth stayed […]

Makemo To Fatu-Hiva

Surprisingly our weather has become favorable to leave the Tuamotu Islands and try for the most easterly island of the Marquesas called Fatu-Hiva. This little window is coming at a bit of a price because to catch the east winds we need to motor for one day as far east […]

Oh My Internet

We made it to the northeast village and passage. We left with good visibility and only had one squall during our transit. We arrived and fired up the Wirie, our WiFi amplifier, and were so excited to have an internet connection through ViniSpot. To our dismay the connection is a […]

Blue Skies

We forgot what it was like to cook with the propane and how much heat the flame produces. Raining outside and a big pot of soup on an open flame created a sauna inside the boat. As the clouds were thicker and darker we couldn’t take it anymore, turned on […]

Tropical Storm Anchoring

Wade woke to the sounds of wind howling. He looked at the chart plotter to determine we were still in the same place and the wind instruments read 35 knots and gust to 40. On deck he checked the status of our anchor and noticed the chain was fairly vertical […]

Safety Sailors

  A couple of days ago we anchored quickly before a squall was over us and we could not have picked a better spot. The high pressure systems below 20 degree latitude was not the weather making it possible for us to go from Tahanea to Makemo it was Tropical […]