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Hydroponic Gardening While Sailing

Poseidon’s Garden theory is in effect and working wonderfully! We are no longer circulating the water through the tubes in King Neptune’s Garden. Generally, on a timer 16 times a day water is pumped from a reservoir, stored in one of our compartments, into the top garden tube (aka fence […]

Oh My Internet

We made it to the northeast village and passage. We left with good visibility and only had one squall during our transit. We arrived and fired up the Wirie, our WiFi amplifier, and were so excited to have an internet connection through ViniSpot. To our dismay the connection is a […]

Blue Skies

We forgot what it was like to cook with the propane and how much heat the flame produces. Raining outside and a big pot of soup on an open flame created a sauna inside the boat. As the clouds were thicker and darker we couldn’t take it anymore, turned on […]

Tropical Storm Anchoring

Wade woke to the sounds of wind howling. He looked at the chart plotter to determine we were still in the same place and the wind instruments read 35 knots and gust to 40. On deck he checked the status of our anchor and noticed the chain was fairly vertical […]


We had a weather window to move the day after we anchored here in southern Tahanea, but we didn’t take it. There might have been a slight chance forecasted to leave yesterday, but it never developed. We’re just hanging out and loving it! Last week we were foraging the island […]

Unexpected Company

We weathered the big storm and our big anchored held with no problems. We are very happy to report that King Neptune’s Garden handled the sea salt bath as of yet so hopefully we’ll be eating some pretty tasty and big tomatoes soon. The weather is slowly shifting to the […]

Tempting Fate

We left on a Friday. We actually didn’t realize it was a Friday until after we had left the south Fakarava pass. The wind was from the north at 15 to 25 knots and seemed perfect for our sail to Tahanea. We were running downwind and cruising at 7 knots, […]

Wade and Sara Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

We are ringing in the New Year in Pape’ete Tahiti, and New Years Day with a new sail.  The last couple of days we have been busy getting food, fuel, taking down Christmas lights, raising the dingy, cleaning the boat bottom, doing laundry and it goes on and on.  Our […]