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Marquesas Surf And Turf

For the most of Sara’s life she has eaten out and hardly ever prepared meals at home. Cooking has always been this novel thing that one day she would learn how to do so she collected cookbooks. She has onboard almost 50 different styles of cookbooks. Her favorite cookbook is […]

TeFaarumai Waterfall Aerial

Belated Merry Christmas from Tahiti

The internet connection was a bit slow yesterday, so a belated Merry Christmas to everyone! We’re sorry we haven’t updated lately but just like most people we got busy around the holidays.  Jackie and Ryan rented a car and met us at our last anchorage to hike the lava tubes. […]

Wade wrapping the red stripe of the candy cane

Hanging Our Christmas Tree Lights and Jardin Botanique Horaire

Navigating Tahiti has been different then the other islands we have visited because the lagoon is not continuous. We need to travel out of one lagoon to the open ocean to get to the next lagoon. As we traveled the south coast of Tahiti we found a lovely anchorage near […]

Tahiti Marina Taina Aerial

Two Inches Lower

We woke early again, and headed from Pape’ete Marina to Marina Taina on the west coast of Tahiti. The area is protected by reef and there are literally over two hundred boats anchored or moored in the area. Non-duty free fuel cost $4.98 US, so we were very happy for […]

Walking The Grade and Bicycling Around Huahine Nui

Huahine is comprised of two islands, Huahine Nui and Huahine Iti, that are connected by a bridge. Yesterday we used our bikes to bicycle around Huahine Nui which is approximately 15 miles and only one mountain with a 15% grade going up and down. That may not sound that steep […]

Look But Don’t Touch A Private Motu

We had a productive morning and moved the boat to the north end of Taha’a and anchored in 45 feet of sand in front of a shallow sand bank. Taha’as lagoon averages 110 to 130 feet deep in the center and we are circling it slowly but are challenged finding […]