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Makemo To Fatu-Hiva

Surprisingly our weather has become favorable to leave the Tuamotu Islands and try for the most easterly island of the Marquesas called Fatu-Hiva. This little window is coming at a bit of a price because to catch the east winds we need to motor for one day as far east […]

Tropical Storm Anchoring

Wade woke to the sounds of wind howling. He looked at the chart plotter to determine we were still in the same place and the wind instruments read 35 knots and gust to 40. On deck he checked the status of our anchor and noticed the chain was fairly vertical […]

Safety Sailors

  A couple of days ago we anchored quickly before a squall was over us and we could not have picked a better spot. The high pressure systems below 20 degree latitude was not the weather making it possible for us to go from Tahanea to Makemo it was Tropical […]

Do We Get Bored While Cruising?

We both believe that boredom is in the beholder. Two very different people on the same boat and one person can shout “I’m bored!” while the other person is frantically doing “stuff”, haha. We are both very lucky that we are not such people. Both of us find ways to […]


We had a weather window to move the day after we anchored here in southern Tahanea, but we didn’t take it. There might have been a slight chance forecasted to leave yesterday, but it never developed. We’re just hanging out and loving it! Last week we were foraging the island […]

Tempting Fate

We left on a Friday. We actually didn’t realize it was a Friday until after we had left the south Fakarava pass. The wind was from the north at 15 to 25 knots and seemed perfect for our sail to Tahanea. We were running downwind and cruising at 7 knots, […]

Almost The Last Post

This is a terrible joke that we titled this post, “Almost The Last Post”. Originally, we thought we should make a post before we snorkeled south Fakarava passage because of the danger but we didn’t really want to scare anyone so we waited until we got back to the boat. […]

No Need For A Hot Shower

As we explore Motu Rua Vahine, southern Apataki, and resting from busy Pape’ete we try to stay in the shade because it is hot.  We wouldn’t say the humidity is higher than the southern United States, but the heat has brought the sea water temperature high enough that our afternoon […]

Just Drifting Anchored Near Passe De Taapuna

Passe De Taapuna

We planned for a play day, but ended up working. We moved the boat in the morning and anchored near the Taapuna pass, which is northwest Tahiti Nui. There are a lot of coral heads and the reef is nearby so we planned to paddle board for the day and […]

Tahiti Marina Taina Aerial

Two Inches Lower

We woke early again, and headed from Pape’ete Marina to Marina Taina on the west coast of Tahiti. The area is protected by reef and there are literally over two hundred boats anchored or moored in the area. Non-duty free fuel cost $4.98 US, so we were very happy for […]