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Just Drifting Transiting To Phaeton Bay Tahiti Iti

Phaeton Bay Tahiti

We had a busy morning but beautiful morning.  The sun rose from Tahiti Iti and shined on Tahiti Nui as we moved the boat to Phaeton Bay; which is rumored to be the best hurricane whole in the south pacific.  There are many mooring balls so we were very careful […]

Just Drifting Anchored Near Passe De Taapuna

Passe De Taapuna

We planned for a play day, but ended up working. We moved the boat in the morning and anchored near the Taapuna pass, which is northwest Tahiti Nui. There are a lot of coral heads and the reef is nearby so we planned to paddle board for the day and […]

Tahiti Marina Taina Aerial

Two Inches Lower

We woke early again, and headed from Pape’ete Marina to Marina Taina on the west coast of Tahiti. The area is protected by reef and there are literally over two hundred boats anchored or moored in the area. Non-duty free fuel cost $4.98 US, so we were very happy for […]