South Arm Kodiak Island

October 20th

The weather is predicted to be out of the northeast and south the next couple of days so we moved to a new anchorage. Our South Arm anchorage might not be the most comfortable during a northwest wind, which seems to be predominant in this area, so we hope the wind stays as predicted. There is no VHF weather in the South Arm, so hopefully our SSB continues to connect.

We could tell we were anchored in rock in South Uganik Island because our anchor windless grinder to a halt trying to lift chain snagged on the sea floor. Thankfully we did not have to practice our Penrhyn bommie techniques and freed the chain and anchor after a few tugs.

The South Arm anchorage is wonderful mud holding. The depth gradually decreased from a couple hundred feet to 40 feet. The tide has been high at 13 feet changes, so really we anchored in 31 feet.

South Uganik Island was more hilly and not so bad for hiking. South Arm terrain looks mountainous and might be a little tough for hunting, but we’ll still scout it out tomorrow.

Wade and Sara

Unknown Bay Anchorage 31′ Mud 57$deg; 37. 947N, 153° 29.910W

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