Six Inch Snowfall

October 23rd

Howdy Ho everyone,

Things have improved drastically for us. Our last noon report mentioned considerable troubles including a malfunctioning head that led a “poopy” of a day. Justin, if your reading this, it made us think of your “Sh*t-apocalypse of 2015″(this is as Justin calls his event), another not so great head incidence in an Alaskan voyage. But this morning was a bright and clear day, all good, but with a few inches of snow on the boat, the good part being there was not enough to have to shovel, especially since we lack a shovel. This afternoon we hiked through 6” of snow looking for deer, but saw nothing and maybe that is just as well for we met Kodiak Brown Bear hunters camping on shore who mentioned that mountain goats are plentiful in the next valley to the south, plus being better eating than a deer. We also learned that last years winter was very harsh and killed off the deer population. We are thinking of heading south tomorrow.

King Neptune Garden Update: This years crop has finally been harvested. We produced a lot of mint, rosemary, kale, and two tomatoes. We think the garden would have lasted another two weeks but Sara forgot to turn the water back on after filling the garden so the next morning the roots had icicles.

Huge thanks again to Wayne from Sand Point! We love the Buffalo brats!

Wade and Sara

Unknown Bay Anchorage 31′ Mud 57$deg; 37. 947N, 153° 29.910W

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