We are underway now for over a day and it was near as difficult leaving Fanning Island as it was leaving Hawaii. The kind people of Fanning kept wanting to get together one last time to say good bye, but finally we did leave on July 30th with a final […]

Underway, Shift Colors

We have pulled up anchor, lowered colors, and set sail for Penrhyn. We have enjoyed our time in Fanning but we need to move on in order to avoid cyclone season at other islands we’d like to visit. We’d like to apologize for the lack updates these past few weeks, […]

Living in Kiribati

Hard to believe living in Kiribati for a week has already gone by, and we have been very welcomed here. We have been invited to a few dinners and taken reef fishing with a net and we were also given some traditional Kiribati clothes. Even though our intent was to […]

Anchored in Fanning

We are alive and doing well anchored in Fanning! We have had the most wonderful and generous of welcomes to this lovely little island. The island does not have much in the way of “stuff”, but amazing personalities and kindness. We’ll send more goodies and information later. Sara and Wade

Anchored Shift Colors

In the Navy, after the anchoring evolution was complete, the boatswain would call out, “Anchored, Shift Colors”, which meant the ship’s anchor is holding and to move the ensign from the spreaders to the fantail and raise the jack staff. We have met our destination! Last night and this morning’s […]

Fall Off To Point Higher

To Fall Off in sailing means to steer away from the wind; Point Higher is to point the bow closer to the wind. By definition then wouldn’t Fall Off to Point Higher be an oxymoron statement? We have a hundred fifty more miles to go and we are pointing the […]

Show Me The Wind

The wind became an eerie calm as we entered the thickest part of the ITCZ. The air was moist, hazy, and absent of wind. All around us a wall of grey with spots of dark patches connecting the clouds to the ocean, it’s if a cloud sat on the ocean […]

Another Day Closer

What day is it? It is amazing how easy it is to lose track of what day it is after a few days at sea, but counting the number of noon reports written and adding them to our departure date, or looking at a laptop, or the SSB, or the […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Oh, what a wonderful and starry night! We both slept well and the red morning did not prove to be a warning. We are not as concerned of storms today because we have Cumulus and Stratocumulus clouds around us. This is good, as well as the infrared satellite WeatherFax showing […]

Red Morning

There is a sailor’s tale that a red night is a sailor’s delight and a red morning is a sailor’s warning. This morning the sunrise illuminated the sky with deep red and orange; which reminded us of this old sailor’s tale. As we make our approach to the Inter-Tropical Convergence […]

Twice No Moon

Every sailor tells tales of the beautiful lit night sky with a bright moon and twinkling stars, not even a picture can give it justice. If this was our first sail then we could easily think someone has been pulling our leg because it has been black, really black, so […]

The Art Of Puking

As we waved good-bye to friends anchored in the shadow of Diamond Head at the annual flotilla off Waikiki Beach, we began at 3:00 PM on July 4 our sail south to Fanning Island. Our average course was about 170 degrees and at noon on July 5th we have only […]