Our First Snow

October 19th to 20th

The temperature has finally dropped to a chilling 36 and 38 degrees. Yesterday, we went deer hunting aka hiking because we do not see any deer. The views are stunning with the mountain tops having a nice cover of snow. Last night just as we were going to bed we heard the flakes landing on the boat and Wade shinned a light outside and we saw snow landing on the deck.

The wind has been howling 25 to 30 knots from the northwest. Today we stayed inside the boat while Sara made Tiramisu while Wade finalized his configuration for a new diesel heater, haha.

Tonight we carved our pumpkins and quickly decided to send out noon reports because this is the first time since leaving our SSB connection has been working well enough to send an email. Cheers,
Wade and Sara

Unknown Bay Anchorage 68′ Rock 57$deg; 48.565’N, 153$deg; 15.859’W

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