No Need For A Hot Shower

As we explore Motu Rua Vahine, southern Apataki, and resting from busy Pape’ete we try to stay in the shade because it is hot.  We wouldn’t say the humidity is higher than the southern United States, but the heat has brought the sea water temperature high enough that our afternoon swim does not seem so refreshing.

The wind has gone stale and we would like to save our fuel for our trip back to Hawaii, so we wait for the wind. In the meantime, we moved outside the Niutahi Village to meet people and get the lay of the atoll. The village is comprised of three roads approximately totaling a mile in a half.  Each person we passed greeted us with a friendly hello, but as we have not mastered our French we are limited to small conversations. Each of the roads are exposed to the sun with limited shade, so we returned to the boat drenched in sweat. Our shower water is so warm we barely cooled off. Tomorrow we move north east to explore more motus and hopefully find a shady spot to hang our hammock.

Cruising Tip: Outside of Nitutahi Apataki is mostly coral sand, so be careful when anchoring. Limit anchoring in light winds only.


Wade and Sara

Boat position at noon: 15 degrees 34.270 minutes south, 146 degrees 24.342 minutes west

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