From Deer To Goat

October 28th

We had a lovely visit in Larsen’s Bay. The town is very small. We walked the whole two-miles of town. We were told during summer seasons the Kodiak Lodge Resort is open, and we can only GUESS this is where visitors can get access to public or paid Wi-Fi because there are no other places in town that offer an internet connection. Even for a small town we were still surprised by no marina garbage services. The nearest place to dump garbage was at the local dump off the main two mile road. Luckily friendly locals took our rubbish and disposed of it accordingly.

Our main reason for visiting Larsen’s Bay was hopefully to get a bit of internet connection and most importantly make a phone call. AT&T services do not work in Larsen’s Bay, but there is a GCI cell network. Sadly when we arrived the GCI network was down. Locals suggested we ask City Hall if we might be able to use internet or the telephone. Thankfully they spared thirty minutes of their business phone for Wade to call Advance Diesel Heaters in Anchorage to start finalizing our diesel heater order. Sadly internet is limited to business use only, so we will have to wait for Kodiak town to be connected again, oh darn.

Wade cannot stop thinking about hunting goat! After the bear hunters we met in South Arm said the Kodiak goat tasted better than the deer and they are fairly obtainable he’s decided to go for the hunt. All the while, Sara is having nightmares of falling off the top of a mountain. We were originally thinking of starting the hunt at the very end of Uyak Bay which has mountain peaks around 4000 feet. A local told us of his friends favorite hunt off of Zachar Bay. Zachar mountain range peaks around 2000 feet, phew, haha!

As soon as we were anchored Wade has not left the deck of the boat. From our boat we have perfectly clear view of the entire mountain we plan to climb tomorrow. He is using the a scope and binoculars to find at least one goat, so maybe we’ll have an idea where they are for tomorrows hike.

Wade and Sara

Zachar Bay Anchorage 28′ Sand & Rock 57$deg; 34.159N, 153° 49.681W

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