Do We Get Bored While Cruising?

We both believe that boredom is in the beholder. Two very different people on the same boat and one person can shout “I’m bored!” while the other person is frantically doing “stuff”, haha. We are both very lucky that we are not such people. Both of us find ways to entertain ourselves as we are waiting for our wind to move further east. Wade has been working on boat maintenance and Sara has been learning to cook.

Each day we wake up, have our morning coffee, and breakfast. We discuss what projects each of us are working on, what our plans are for the day, and compromise where we might need to help each other or just hang out with each other. For example, Wade needed a wind block while he was soldering the new electrical connectors for our starboard running light that corroded and Sara needed four hands to get the Nun Puffs out of the oven. After our “work” for the day has concluded we find a place to go swimming, eat our lovely meal while watching the sunset, finish the night with a movie or a good book, and go to bed to do it all over again tomorrow.

Boat maintenance can be pretty self explanatory how it could take all day, but cooking? With no stores to run out to grab something quick everything is planned and prepared from scratch. Yesterday we wanted beer brats and maybe a brat is fine without a bun but there’s something about having a nice hot bun and brat. The day before we took the brats out of the freezer and soaked them for a day in Hinano beer. Yesterday Sara made French bread buns for our brats, and in between rises assisted Wade with topping off the water in the batteries. Today we’re having tacos with tortilla’s from scratch! Haha, maybe some people could get bored on a boat, but we are not one of them.

Comfort Cruising Tip: Having several cookbooks with different ethnic styles i.e. Asian, Mexican, etc. can be helpful for ideas of what to cook and also generally go into more basic details of how to cook stuff you’re used to running out to the store for like tacos shells. Otherwise, Julia Child’s The Way To Cook and Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book (with prizewinning recipes)has almost everything you could ever need.

Boat Position: 16 degrees 57.360 minutes south and 144 degrees 34.967 minutes west.

Wade and Sara

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