Deer Searching

October 17th

Yesterday we moved anchorages because the wind was turning from west to north then northeast and 30 knots. The Kodiak fjords can be a bit of a wind tunnel but moving to the north side of the bay protected us very well from wind and waves.

We, or today more specifically Wade, are on the hunt for deer. Sara desired to join in this pursuit today, but her right knee is giving her troubles, nothing to be too concerned with, but the idea of off trail hiking up Kodiak mountains has her saying, “Nope, not today, sorry”. The fact that it was raining at the time certainly could not have been a factor? Sara truly does want to join in and has done so on other days, but today she was a glorified taxi. This morning she dropped Wade off to hike two giant hilltops only to return with hip boots! Haha, sadly no deer, but along the way he found hip boots (nearly brand new) to fit Sara.

After Wade returned from his hunt we headed for our new anchorage in the shadow of a mountain standing 3500 feet. This might not seem like much altitude, but starting from sea-level, it most certainly appears a rugged and substantial mountain, as well as being dusted white with new fallen snow. Recently we have been anchoring far from shore. We’re happy to be closer to land at this new anchorage which is only a couple hundred feet from shore, so maybe we can deer hunt from the boat, haha.

Sara’s Macbook is handling the SSB connection, but our the connection is very poor. We are using local VHF radio to gather information for weather.

Wade and Sara

Viekoda Bay Anchorage 38′ Mud 57$deg; 50.090’N, 153$deg; 03.601’W Unknown Bay Anchorage 68′ Rock 57$deg; 48.565’N, 153$deg; 15.859’W

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