Crack Of 10 AM

October 26th

The sun does not seem to rise above the mountains until late so we hibernate like bears. We wanted to take advantage of good morning weather (54 degrees) and move south before the predicted strong southerly winds were upon us. Today we woke up at the crack of 5:15 AM and during our voyage south we watched the sun rise over the mountain at 10:17 AM. We were hoping to have possibly seen Aurora Borealis, but so far no such luck.

Traveling through Uyak Bay we were sitting close together chatting away and trying to stay warm; although, this morning was nice, the temperature steadily declined. Our conversation was interrupted by several splashes in the water. At first we thought the splashes were big wave slapping the side of the boat, but then a Dall’s Porpoise jumped out of the water. A dozen Dall’s Porpoise ran with the boat dancing in front of the bow for about five minutes. The show was very impressive as we noticed they swim so much faster than any of the dolphins we have seen around Hawaii and the south pacific.

On our arrival we had a friendly crow follow us around. Even now the crow is walking the deck and squawking to his five friends he invited over, haha, we’re having a crow convention. Our new anchorage is near the Larsen Bay marina which seems to also be really close to the float plane landing strip. The planes landing and taking off make this anchorage a bit noisy.

Fun Fact: After salmon season bears eat massive amounts of grass to stop up bowels so they don’t have to “go” during the winter hibernation. If you’re hiking and see a large pile of poo that is all grass but the size of horse dung…it’s really bear!

Wade and Sara

Larsen Bay Anchorage 20′ Sand 57$deg; 32.086N, 154° 00.022W

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