Comfort Cockpit Contemplation

Each night seems to get colder the closer we get to Hawaii. We understand there is a cold front positioned above the islands, but piling on the layers in the night has us thinking about a cozy warm full boat enclosure. Christmas 2015 Wade found a deal on a few Sailrite products to help with mending sails, repairing dinghy champs, etc. At the same time Sara suggested that he also order a DVD describing the techniques to create and install a full boat enclosure because there had been discussion of screening in the cockpit for bug prevention. Neither of us have had time to watch said DVD, so it slowly became forgotten. Today we watched the three disk DVD on how to create and install a full enclosure. Just the thought warms our bones. We’ve already started prepping the purchase list and brainstorming obstacles. Provided we have time and the price is right maybe King Neptune’s Garden will also get closed up for the big trip north.

Tonight Sara made a lovely chicken freshly squeezed coconut milk curry. After several months in the south pacific we have our coconut process finely tuned. We pick up coconuts on the ground that look brown and feel heavy. We shake the coconut and listen to make sure it is full of water, indicating it is a good nut. To husk the coconut we use the claw of a claw hammer to remove the husk. After the husk is removed we use the ball of the hammer to crack the coconut on one side and position the crack over a blender to pour the coconut water. We use a flat head screw driver to pop out chunks of the hard coconut into the blender. We use the blender to finely shred the coconut. Use a clean t-shirt the size of a square foot. Place the handful of the coconut in the center of the shirt then ring it out as hard as you can over a bowl and boom coconut milk. Honestly it is like black magic how much cream you can get from one coconut. Just a little tip: To reduce the sweetness of the coconut in the curry sauce add the juice of one lime.

The winds have been fairly consistent today, and we are hoping to continue our 161 mile days. We are still trying for Monday Night BBQ at the Hawaii Yacht Club.

Wade and Sara

Math Be Hard For Sailors – Hawaiian Islands
Destination: Hawaiian Islands (19°15.545’S, 154°31.747’W) Prize: Hawaiian post card from us to you and a black pearl with shell Submissions are accepted until 4/17/16.
Please only submit the date and time only, no need for your crazy calculations via Math Be Hard For Sailors Contact Form. Weather: Sunny with more clouds.
Ves. Pos. 16°29.722’N, 150°6.640’W
SOG: 6.9 kts
Course Over Ground (COG): 307°
Time: 12:00:25 PM 4/21/17
Nautical miles to destination as a bird flies(Crs Rng & Brg): 301 nm
Compass degree required to reach destination as a bird flies (Crs Rng & Brg): 304° Apparent wind speed (AWS): 12.3 kts
Apparent wind angle: Starboard 94°


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