Hydroponics at Sea

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Fresh vegetables at sea is not a new concept; however, maintaining a garden with no soil and clearing into foreign countries might provide an interesting dinner conversation. We engineered two hydroponic designs one circulating (King Neptune’s Garden) and one non-circulating (Poseidon’s Garden) each garden is a different learning experiment.

Hydroponic Gardening While Sailing

Poseidon’s Garden theory is in effect and working wonderfully! We are no longer circulating the water through the tubes in King Neptune’s Garden. Generally, on a timer 16 times a day water is pumped from a reservoir, stored in one of our compartments, into the top garden tube (aka fence […]

Wade and Sara Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

We are ringing in the New Year in Pape’ete Tahiti, and New Years Day with a new sail.  The last couple of days we have been busy getting food, fuel, taking down Christmas lights, raising the dingy, cleaning the boat bottom, doing laundry and it goes on and on.  Our […]

Just Drifting Anchored Near Passe De Taapuna

Passe De Taapuna

We planned for a play day, but ended up working. We moved the boat in the morning and anchored near the Taapuna pass, which is northwest Tahiti Nui. There are a lot of coral heads and the reef is nearby so we planned to paddle board for the day and […]

Wade and Sara View From Moorea Tropical Overlooking Opunohu Bay and Tareu Pass

Our Thanksgiving and Black Friday in Moorea

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing (southern stuffing), green beans, and mashed potato with gravy. We have two ovens one propane and one electric, so cooking everything was a breeze. Our Black Friday was busy exploring opposed to shopping. We started with the Moorea Tropical […]

Relais Mahana Resort Dinghy Dock

Internet Bums

Haha, we were boat bound for six days because of weather. With our Wifi amplifier we have been surfing the web and being internet bums. We wish the connection was good enough to upload more photos, but really the connection was only good enough for browsing, texting, and Christmas shopping!  […]

No Fish and Retiring Poseidon’s Garden

Huge bummer! We fished the entire way between Raiatea and Huahine with our new hand-lines and not even a nibble. We had a little hope when birds started to circle near the Avamoa Pass outside of the main village Fare, but then as we got closer they just sat on […]

Look But Don’t Touch A Private Motu

We had a productive morning and moved the boat to the north end of Taha’a and anchored in 45 feet of sand in front of a shallow sand bank. Taha’as lagoon averages 110 to 130 feet deep in the center and we are circling it slowly but are challenged finding […]