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The cruising guides we use are always helpful, so we would like to pay it forward by collecting information from our encounters and passing it on for others to use.  We are in the process of writing our first guides for Fanning, Penrhyn, and French Polynesia in reverse. Comfort Cruising Guides will include, but not be limited to passages, anchorages, customs, Wifi access, dinghy docking, customer service reviews, and our adventures.  While we are in the process of writing each of the guides please use our contact form to ask us questions about each of the areas; otherwise, visit our Fanning, Penrhyn, and French Polynesia Noon Reports.


Wade and Sara

Six Inch Snowfall

October 23rd Howdy Ho everyone, Things have improved drastically for us. Our last noon report mentioned considerable troubles including a malfunctioning head that led a “poopy” of a day. Justin, if your reading this, it made us think of your “Sh*t-apocalypse of 2015″(this is as Justin calls his event), another […]

Glamorous Life of Cruising Alaska On A Sailboat In October

October 21st The outside temperature is freezing. Literally freezing! We do not run the heater at night, so in the morning the inside boat temperature is near the lower 40s. We run the generator to power central heat and a little portable heater to warm the room to a comfortable […]

Under Pressure

October 16th More and more frequently when we wake in the morning we experience sinus pressure, sometimes stuffy noises, and sometimes even a small headache. We didn’t think anything of it and would continue about our day. During a discussion with one of the lovely St. Paul Marina office ladies, […]