Anchored Shift Colors

In the Navy, after the anchoring evolution was complete, the boatswain would call out, “Anchored, Shift Colors”, which meant the ship’s anchor is holding and to move the ensign from the spreaders to the fantail and raise the jack staff.

We have met our destination! Last night and this morning’s sail was probably the nicest of the trip and we trolled for fish but sadly, we did not catch a fish on our way in, but hopefully, we’ll spear one in the next couple days. As we made our approach into Fanning we prepared for arrival by making water and washing the boat down with fresh water. As we were near the atoll entrance we heard a call over the radio, “Welcome to Fanning, would you like to clear into tomorrow”! Wade took the radio and returned, “Yes, tomorrow works for us”. He came back, “Great, feel free to anchor wherever you’d like and we’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

We are excited to not be moving, heeling, or rolling back and forth we dropped the dinghy in the water and grilled some steaks and potatoes with onions, yummy! We are sitting back and just relaxing for the evening.

Sea Life:

  • When lifting the dinghy off the deck into the water we found two flying fish. 9
  • As we approached the island we were welcomed by the escort of 12 dolphins. They jumped and played in front of our bow! The site was awesome because they were not little tiny porpoises like in Waikiki, but fat 8 to 10 feet awesome dolphins.

Updates from the previous post:
Our position: 03 degrees 51 minutes North, 159 degrees 21 minutes West

Just to note our Noon Report is still our position and report as of noon the day it goes out; however, due to propagation, transmission is faster in the evening so we are going to send reports after sunset. Considering we are now anchored we may reduce our updates to less frequently.

Wade and Sara

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