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Look But Don’t Touch A Private Motu

We had a productive morning and moved the boat to the north end of Taha’a and anchored in 45 feet of sand in front of a shallow sand bank. Taha’as lagoon averages 110 to 130 feet deep in the center and we are circling it slowly but are challenged finding […]

Bora Bora To Raiatea French Polynesia

We have had a blast in Bora Bora hiking without a guide; forging for bananas, papaya, wild squash, lime, ginger root, and star apples; swimming with Broad Stingray, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Green Eels, Barracuda, and hundreds of reef fish, but we’re off to explore more of French Polynesia, first stop […]

Anchored Between Four Seasons and St. Regis Bora Bora

Around six years ago Sara was in Auburn Alabama going to college and a friend of hers asked to help research destination weddings, she came across the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Gazing at the beautiful pictures of this dream get away Sara thought to herself, “I want to go there”. […]